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Bindi Cole

Want longer lasting love?

Vector print on vinyl, Mildura Airport Billboard

6000 x 2400mm
Bindi Cole
Want longer lasting love?, 2013
Vector print on vinyl, Mildura Airport billboard
6000mm x 2400mm
Photograph: Danielle Hanifin

Exhibited at the Art Vault:

Bindi Cole
Nyall (Open Your Eyes), 2013
Exhibition of photographs
Dimensions variable
Photograph: Kristian Häggblom

Cole works to expose the questions most are afraid to ask.  Her artworks are at times so personal, cathartically imbuing them with a gritty honesty that the viewer’s experience can verge on voyeurism.  Mixing photography, installation, text, video, sound and projections, Cole’s work exposes the latent and unspoken power dynamics of Australian culture in the here and now.  She subtly but powerfully reveals some uncomfortable truths about the fundamental disconnection between who we are - the communities and identities by which we shape our sense of self - and how the prevailing culture attempts to place and define us. Want longer lasting love? (Airport Billboard) uses Cole’s trademark cheeky humour to refocus attention on core human values and deep social concerns. Nyall (Open Your Eyes), The Art Vault, presents a series of Cole’s of recent photographs.
Open Your Eyes
We can find ourselves living our lives with eyes closed.  We don’t see what is right in front of us anymore as we develop selective sight.  The people who need us the most become invisible to us.  Sometimes we only see through the filters we’ve placed in front of our eyes because of the hurts we’ve harbored and the pain we’ve suffered.  Let’s open our eyes to truly see what’s around us.  This can happen through a reminder, a chance encounter, a willingness to let go and forgive or an all of a sudden sense of our own insignificance, a revelation of something greater, bigger, broader than just ourselves and our own self worship.
Love never fails.

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