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Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival
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2008 Program

Friday 4 March
Presented in collaboration with Mildura Arts Centre

Featuring local footballers including Austin Rigby

Untrained is a humorous theatrical exploration that offers its performers and its audience a very different dance experience.

Four men take to the stage. Two of these men are highly skilled, professional dancers and two are ordinary guys with no movement training whatsoever. The complex, refined movements that one man can do with ease, another can only approximate.

All are given the same instructions. How they execute them displays an individual portrait of each manís character, as well as an unavoidable comparison between them. The evolution of information, built up through units of action, shows what they have in common and where their physical histories set them apart.

Whether youíre 7 or 70, Untrained will have you on the edge of your seat as you are launched into an extraordinary and unpredictable display of art, back spins and head slides.

Concept/Direction: Lucy Guerin
Performers: Antony Hamilton and Benjamin Hancock
Music: Duplo Remote
Producer: Michaela Coventry

Mercy Theatre
Corner Eleventh St and Riverside Ave