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Kelly Milton
Work Title: Floatita
About the Work :

Media: Styrofoam, glitter, mixed media
Sites: Mildura and Goolwa
Date: 2006
An installation which addresses the notion of Mother Earth as a fluctuating feeding force….
My work for Palimpsest is like a reflective, round, buoyant lifesaving ring....for example, .the ones thrown overboard to keep people afloat, when they fall off of boats and ships. Perhaps, metaphorically, like a Saviour, like the Murray, which has been a life force for many, many eons of generations of people.

‘Floatita’ appear to have 'tentacles' transmitting from Her ring, from which hang, or 'grow', mammary, or boobs. Somewhat like the breasts of Mother Earth, or any other mother, who had had children, and not had a boob job, or implants, or Botox.

LaTrobe University will be able to anchor the first ‘Floatita’ in their pond (aka watering source) and as such, will implant the initial ring of this Palimpsest installation in their water feature. Perhaps, like an ‘engagement’ to the Murray….

The second part of the Floatita installation will be based at Goolwa (where the Murray meets the Coorong and the Southern Ocean) a more ‘naturally-correct’ saline site, a salty and ‘suspendable’ space…..

This piece will be anchored within these three spaces, and will draw attention to the significant spaces in its context, including Hindmarsh Island. Visually, it will appear as more of a flag path, or a land-based marker, drawing attention to the notorious, yet beautiful, history of the Murray Mouth.

Where Showing:
LaTrobe University,
Mildura Campus

Email: Kelly Milton

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